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Economic and social prognosis growth

Forecast of economic reforms and socio-economic development in the first half of 2018.


Economic and social prognosis growth  


It is expected that the volume of production in the first quarter of 2018 will look like this: the growth rate of industrial production will be 104,8%, the growth rate of consumers production goods will be  102,8%.

The growth of the external products by types of products in percentage : a flower production increasing in 100,2%, a fodder increasing in  100,1%, bread and bakery production increasing in 114%, pasta producing increasing in 116,1%.

According to government programs, a mill with daily capacity of 150 tons from Turkish company «Erkan Makina» from the side of the company «Korakalpakdonmahsulotlari» is modernized and put into operation.

The workshops for the production of high-quality food for fishing, poultry, animal breeding were built and put into operation using the technology of the Russian company «A-Engineering» through the enterprises «Seed products of Uchkurgan», «Seed of Akhangaran», «Koson DMKK» .

At the enterprises «Dune-M», «Andijondonmahsulotlari»,»Samarkanddonmahsulotlari» old mills are modernized , new equipment is imported from the company «Alapala», and «Mogilevskiy-Podolskiy» factory. Currently, the mills are being dismantled.

Equipment for the production of granulated (extruded) feed from the Turkish company «Erkan Makina» from the side of «Asakadonmahsuloti» is brought. The final installation of the equipment will be on 15-20 days this month. Dismantled works have been began in the workshop for the production of feed . The project will be completed by the end of the May.


Dynamics of bread and bakery products production  2014 - 2018


Dynamics of pasts production 2014 - 2018г.


Dynamics of feed and seed production  2014 - 2018.


Expected production rates in the first quarter of 2018.



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Industrial production


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Bread and bakery production


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