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Basic tasks and activities.

In accordance with Rulling of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan №376 of August 6, 2004, the basic tasks and activity of the Joint-Stock Company «Uzdonmahsulot» are:

  • Purchase, placing and storage of grain and seeds for state need in accordance with the Government of Republic of Uzbekistan decrees ;
  • Organization of manufacturing of high-quality flour, grains, feed and bread, pasta and confection products and its provision to Republics population ;
  • Improving relationships with grain manufacturers- companies and farmers, including grain acceptance, quality control and accounting, creation an effective system of grains control quality;
  • Assistance in modernizing and technical equipping grain-growing enterprises and active attraction of foreign investments for these purposes;
  • Information services for enterprises and for grain industry organizations, professional training and development of enterprises staff.

43 grain enterprises and their branches, which are the part of «Uzdonmahsulot», are starting point for the manufacturing, storage and recycling of wheat produced in Uzbekistan.

Only grain manufacturers of Joint-Stock Company «Uzdonmahsulot» have a right to conclude a contractual agreements with agricultural manufacturers about wheat and seed purchase , and also to keep food products in the state reserve.

The Company controls the activity of all ownership forms of enterprises of grain products. The Company presents the state policy to improve economic reforms, keeping and development the entrepreneurship, social and economic growth of the sector and effectiveness of the economic organizational structure in the market. The Company controls an executive staff and managers and is the part of Presidents Administration and the Cabinet of Ministers. The Company has developed the plan and improvement of the executive discipline.

The Presidents of the Republic of Uzbekistan decrees and rules are executed, the orders of Cabinet of Ministers of Republic of Uzbekistan are executed and business letters and orders from state organizations and The Board of Directors are executed.

A preparation, placing and storage of grain, seed for state needs are developed and established.

A wide range of products are produced, product quality improves, use of high technologies in manufacturing is improve.

The Transportation and use of grain recourses is organized.

In Resolution of President of Republic of Uzbekistan from 24 of April 2015 PF-4720 «About measures of modern methods of corporate management in joint-stock companies» is shown a deep analysis of international experience and introduction the modern methods of corporate management , including reorganization the joint-stock companies management structure, the strategic management of joint-stock companies, control over the effective management of management staff, including new units and positions in accordance with modern international standards and market economy requirements, increasing the role of shareholders, including minority shareholders.

Therefore, the Joint-Stock Company «Uzdonmahsulot» is responsible for the work of the Marketing Department, Export and quality management, Internal control groups, the Department of grain recourses and its transportation, Department of preparation and storage the grain, Finance and Pricing Department, Strategic planning and business development department, Investments and New Technologies Department, Accounting Department, Department of recycling and creation of new types of production, Department of shares management and corporate relations, Department of Information Technologies, Department of state reserves of grain, juridical services.

The improving of economic reforms have been resolved.

The financial improvements of the companies enterprises have been developed.

The calculation of budgetary and other payments are carried out on the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The company and its branches timely carry out accounting reports.

A systematical delivery of grain for state needs is organized, final settlement with agricultural enterprises is carried out.

The attracting of foreign investments are considered.

Modernization of equipment for the manufacturing of grain products are developed on the basis of investment projects.

Monitoring of internal and external grain and grain products markets is carried out.

Measures to study economic factors affecting the export of goods, standardization, metrology and certification were taken.


Management organization of the company is the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The site of Management Organization of the Company -

The Companies activity reports are provided to the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

      The Chairman of Coordinating Council of the Joint-Stock Company «Uzdonmahsulot» - 

Farrux Jahongirovich Pulatov


Activity and work of Council -

- The most important priorities of the social and economic development industry at joint-stock enterprises «Uzdonmahsulot»;

- Producing the goods at enterprises, sale of goods and cash receipts;

- Stage of work on the preparation of the materials and technical basis for obtaining grain crops;

- Growth of grains in open fields;

- Financial and economic activity and work is carried out at the system enterprises .